Yarns about Yarn

My "Other Best Male Friend" (hereafter "OBMF") gave me the nickname of "Contessa." I have something in common with one countess -- the Countess of Nerole. She and I both favor the scent of orange blossoms. At one masquerade my OBMF threw, I went as the Comtesse des Feuilles (she was better known as Jane Austen's cousin). Finally, in a novel I wrote, which has yet to be published, the protagonist is also a countess. Hence, my choice of the name, "Knitting Countess."

I have been knitting since I was 20, and I am even designing. Don't look for my designs in INTERWEAVE just yet, however.

For “Finished Objects Friday”:

Top:  Baby Outfit - Sweater and Booties were adapted from "Designs for Babies" by Margaret Boyles.  I made up the cap.  Yarn is Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in “Natural” colorway.

Middle Left:  “Wrapped in Leaves Shawl” by Alana Dakos.  Pattern can be found in her book "Botanical Knits."  Yarn is Madelinetosh DK in “Terra” colorway.

Middle Right:  "Elegant Gloves" pattern by Heather Zoppetti in JANE AUSTEN KNITS Autumn 2013, yarn is Spud and Chloe Fine in “Wild Berries” colorway.

Bottom:  "Oak Grove Mitts" by Alana Dakos. Yarn is Madelinetosh “Pashmina” in “Terra” colorway.

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